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Sterling Silver and Black Hopi Bracelet Cuff


Eagle Dancer Sculpture.  Made by:  L. Valentine
N-Jun Jo Warrior.   Carved by:  Delbert Upshaw
Sterling Silver and Black Hopi Bracelet Cuff  
Apache Moccasins by Dale Dillon: This highly respected artist has created traditional moccasins made from white buckskin, that has been dyed yellow, with latigo soles. Women's size 7.5. $299

Eagle Dancer Sculpture.  Made by:  L. Valentine.  This piece is brightly colored and intricately carved from one piece of cottonwood.  Standing 22” high, it makes a powerful presence!  $875.00

N-Jun Jo Warrior.   Carved by:  Delbert Upshaw.  Carved out of cottonwood, and painted in earth tones. 

Sterling Silver and Black Hopi Bracelet Cuff.  Made by:  A. Koinva.   Trickling Waters Design, exquisite silver smithing!  Bracelet is 2”  wide, and 3 1/2”  long.   $975.00


Apache Burden Basket.  Artist: Mary Jane Dudley
Apache Coil Weaving
Kingman Turquoise Strand Necklace
Zuni Priest Sculpture.  Artist:  C. Piene  

Apache Burden Basket.  Artist: Mary Jane Dudley.  She is a master Apache weaver.  This basket has a Butterfly design, and  is made from cottonwood and mulberry sticks.  Traditionally used as a utility basket to gather fruit, berries, herbs, or  nuts.  Carried on the back, supported by straps on the forehead.  Tin jingles to ward off snakes, etc.  

Apache Coil Weaving.  Woven by:  L. Rasmussen.  She is a master weaver.  This weaving is made from cottonwood and devils claw. The pattern is called a “Friendship Design”.  This is a very rare find.  16” wide, 3” deep. 

Kingman Turquoise Strand Necklace.  Made by:  P. Aguilar.  Beautiful  turquoise cut into heishi pieces, and mixed in with other Pen Shell heishi.  10 strands.  $1,099.00

Zuni Priest Sculpture.  Artist:  C. Piene.  Carved from elk antler.  Adorned with sleeping beauty turquoise, red coral, and black onyx beads.  10”tall,  2” wide.  $ 1,395.00


Apache Burden Basket. Artist: M.J. Dudley
Sterling Silver Bear Paw Belt Buckle.  Artist: A. Koinva
Apache Crown Dancers (Gan) Wood Sculptures
Sterling Silver and Black Hopi Bracelet Cuff  

Apache Burden Basket.  Artist: M.J. Dudley.  Apache master weaver.  Feather, End Of Trail design.  Made from cottonwood and mulberry sticks.  13” diameter.  $725.00

Sterling Silver Bear Paw Belt Buckle.  Artist: A. Koinvae. $475 

Apache Crown Dancers (Gan) Wood Sculptures.  (Set of 5)
Made by:  D. Upshaw, an Apache/Navajo master carver.  Intricately carved from cottonwood.  9”tall, 4” wide.   $2,750.

1920's Ojibwe Bandolier Bag in excellent condition (dimensions: 39"H x 12"W, with a 5.5" wide strap). Made by women, but typically worn by men as part of their ceremonial dress. $3,500.  

Andy Clark Clock
Apache Plaque
Star Design Coiled Apache Plaque
Native American Flint Blade  

Andy Clark Clock. Made by: Andy Clark
Locally made from oxidized Arizona starter sheet copper. Tumbled nuggets of Arizona copper.  9” high, 7” wide.  $69.00 

Apache Plaque.  $145.00  Artist: L. Rasmussen. Traditional design.  Made from devil’s claw and cottonwood 6” diameter. 

Star Design Coiled Apache Plaque.  $249.00
Artist:  L. Rasmussen.   Made from devil’s claw and cottonwood.  7” wide.  This artist is one of the few Apaches’ who can do this type of weaving.

Native American Flint Blade with Beadwork Knife.  $215.00
Handle made from antler.  13” long, 2” wide.  


Sterling Silver and Black Hopi Bracelet Cuff
Apache Warrior
Apache Warrior
Apache Warrior  
Magnificent Vintage Cuff. Sterling silver bracelet with four bear claws, Morenci turquoise and Mediterranean coral in a traditional Navajo design. Silversmith stamped 'Ray Y'. $2,000

Apache Warrior.   $235.00  By: D. Upshaw  3”high, 2” wide.  Carved from cottonwood.

Apache Warrior.  $235.00.  Artist: D. Upshaw
4”high, 3”wide.  Carved from Cottonwood.

Apache Warrior.  $235.00   Artist: D. Upshaw.  5” high, 3” wide.  Carved from cottonwood.


Sterling Silver and Black Hopi Bracelet Cuff
Sterling Silver and Black Hopi Bracelet Cuff
Sterling Silver and Black Hopi Bracelet Cuff
Sterling Silver and Black Hopi Bracelet Cuff  
Ceramic Apache Water Jug & Seed Pot by Patrick Rustin. Rustin is an Apach from the San Carlos Reservation and has mastered the technique of making the thinnest walls possible on his Acoma/Apache style potter. $1,395 (water jug), $1,295 (seed pot). Navajo Rug (58"H x 40"W) by Sharon Yazzie. This Two Grey Hills rug is woven in natural colors and spun as fine as thread. $2,400 Hopi Kachina: Black Ogre Nataska (11" x 4.5"). This fearsom Natasks kachina was created by Calvin Yoyetewa. In Hope mythology the Nataska is the Uncle of the family who enforces good behavior among the young. $375 Arizona Copper Splash locally created by former smelter workers who have opened their own studio. These are available in small sizes swirls and minis splashes, ideal for crafters. Proced from $2 - $200  

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